Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hidden rock formations in Namibia

Sesriem Canyon is 1 km long and 30 meters deep. It was formed by the Tsauchab river over a period of 2 million years.The name Sesriem is Afrikaans and means "six belts", since the early settlers had to attach together six belts (made of oryx hides), in order to reach buckets down into the canyon to scoop up water. Since it is located in a desert it is rare that there is water in the bottom of the canyon. As a result it is possible to climb down into the canyon and walk around.

The Fish River Canyon is the largest canyon in Africa. Although small compared to canyons in North America it is still impressive. There are several treks down into the canyon but this requires permission with the park services.

The Hoba Meteorite

The Hoba Meteorite is about 1m thick and at about 3m long. It weights about 55 tons.

Giants Playground

It is only a short distance further on the road you drove in to the Garingas Quivertree forest.There are a lot of stones in this area, it actually looks like some giants have played with them, piled them up and made figures.There is a short round walk through these piles and fairy-landscape. There are of course also Quivertrees here, but they do not grow as a real forest.

More beautiful landscapes existing  in our Beautiful country:

Mushroom : Twyfelfontein

Peace sign

Rock Rose

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