Thursday, February 24, 2011

Moon Mountain Lodge on Namibia Reservations Website

An ultra luxury tented lodge ideally located in the Moon Mountains. Enjoy sheer luxury with exquisite views from your bed or private splash pool.
Built and completed in 2009 on the Moon Mountain Top, as fixed “tented rooms” with all the comforts of a room, but the airy feeling of a tent. Moon Mountain Lodge is ideally situated for any holiday guest who wants to visits the world’s highest dunes in Sossusvlei, as the lodge is only 50km away from the entrance gate and close to the quaint little village of Solitaire.
All rooms offer breath taking views of the Namib Naukluft scenery, including mountains, dunes, Springbok, Oryx, Mountain Zebra and birds.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Waterberg Guestfarm: Credit card facilities off-line

Due to work being done to the telephone lines ,
Waterberg Guest Farm will have no credit card facilities for at least the next two months.

Please take along enough cash to cover any expenses.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Local news from the Gondwana Collection

It’s a verdant Desert
The clay pan of Sossusvlei in the heart of the Namib, surrounded by the highest dunes on earth, has turned into a big lake. A few days ago those who wanted to see this rare spectacle of nature had to walk for 5 km because the seasonal Tsauchab River, which flows into Sossusvlei, had swept away part of the gravel road to the vlei. The eastern fringe of the Namib Desert, which you pass on the way to Sossusvlei, has turned into a vast silvery-green sea of grass. At Namib Desert Lodge, nestled at the foot of the fossilized dunes, a bank of sand had to be heaped up to protect the lodge from flooding.

The Kalahari Desert in eastern Namibia is also decked out in greenery and blooms. The Auob River flooded the depressions near Stampriet and enclosed the rise on which Kalahari Farmhouse is situated. At times guests had to park their cars at the riverbank and climb onto a hanger to be taken through hundreds of metres of shallow water by tractor. At Aus in the south-westerly parts of the country a kayakist used the opportunity for a trip on the seasonal river in flood.
The monthly figures have beaten all records, at least since the time that rainfall results were recorded. Here are this season’s figures (from 1 September 2010):
Etosha Safari Lodge & Camp at Etosha National Park – 274.8 mm (annual average: approx. 300 mm; in February alone: 99.8 mm).
Damara Mopane Lodge near Khorixas - 306 mm (approx. 150 mm / 139.8 mm)
Kalahari Anib Lodge northeast of Mariental – approx. 300 mm (approx. 250 mm / no data available). Kalahari Farmhouse near Stampriet – 275.4 mm (approx. 250 mm / 112.0 mm).
Namib Desert Lodge north of Sossusvlei/Sesriem – 258.6 mm (approx. 100 mm / 160.6 mm).
Cañon Roadhouse east of the Fish River Canyon – 74.7 mm (approx. 80 mm / 64.6 mm).
Klein-Aus Vista near Aus – 103.4 mm (approx. 80 mm / 97.8 mm).

The rainfalls have washed away parts of gravel and tar roads and caused potholes. A roughly 50 metre section of the B 3 main road between Karasburg and Ariamsvlei in the southeast has been eroded. Repairs are expected to take two to three months. In the meantime travellers have to make a detour. Some passes on the escarpment between the central plateau and the coastal plains of the Namib can only be negotiated by four-wheel drive at present.

In Etosha National Park a bus with a tour group got stuck in a waterhole and had to be pulled out. Damara Mopane Lodge near Khorixas had no problems with flooding but there were constant power failures. Guests nevertheless had a pleasant stay thanks to the lodge’s own generator - and candles.

The dams have filled up. The sluice gates of Hardap Dam near Mariental, the country’s largest reservoir, had to be opened several times already to avoid overflowing. Hardap dams up the Fish River which nevertheless flowed in full width several hundred kilometres further south, in the Fish River Canyon. South Africa has also had a lot of rain. When the Gariep/Orange River, which forms Namibia’s southern border, burst its banks several weeks ago lodgings and fields of grapes were flooded, and the ferry service at Sendelingsdrift had to be suspended.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

A little bit of Dolomite Camp is shown

Dolomite Camp is nearing completion but remains NWR's best kept secret for now. Here is a glimpse of what you will soon be visiting in the wild and enchanting western Etosha. The countdown starts now!!/video/video.php?v=1410375038308&oid=98397310418&comments

Derived from Namibia Wildlife Resorts

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

2 New Self Drive Camping Safaris offered by Namibia Reservations

Best of Namibia Camping Safari is a 16 Day Tour that take you to south Namibia - Fish River Canyon, visiting Lüderitz, Sossusvlei and Swakopmund. Taking you further to Damaraland and Etosha National Park.

2 Persons - Anib Lodge Campsite - Kalahari/Mariental for 1 Night
Hobas Campsite - Fish River Canyon for 2 Nights
Klein Aus Vista Campsite - Aus for 1 Night
Shark Island Resort Campsite - Lüderitz for 1 Night
Namtib Desert Lodge Campsite - Tiras/Helmeringhausen for 1 Night
Sossus Oasis Campsite - Sesriem/Namib Naukluft Park for 2 Nights
Alte Brücke Resort Campsite - Swakopmund for 2 Nights
Camp Xaragu - Damaraland for 1 Night
Etosha Rest Camp - Etosha National Park for 2 Nights
Waterberg Andersson Campsite - Waterberg for 1 Night
Arebbusch Travel Lodge Campsite - Windhoek - for 1 Night
Car Rental for 16 Days - Toyota Hilux 4x4 with camping equipment for 2 Persons

For only N$ 11 120.00 per person

Special offer valid from 01.February 2011 until 30.June 2011
Terms & Conditions apply, rates may change, Park fees excluded, Vat & Tourism Levy included.

The 12 Day Discover Caprivi Self Drive Camping Safari takes you to the north of Namibia. Explore the Popa Falls area, Kwando River, Okavango River and visit the Waterberg.

2 Persons - Arebbusch Travel Lodge Campsite - Windhoek for 1 Night
Bush Baby Campsite - Grootfontein for 1 Night
Mahangu Safari Lodge campsite - Caprivi/Popa Falls for 2 Nights
Mazambala Island Lodge Campsite - Caprivi/Kongola for 2 Nights
Kaisosi River Lodge Campsite - Rundu for 2 Nights
Roy’s Rest Camp Campsite - Grootfontein for 1 Night
Waterberg Andersson Campsite - Waterberg for 1 Night
Arebbisch Travel Lodge Campsite - Windhoek for 1 Night
Car rental for 12 Days - Toyota Hi-Lux 4x4 with campsing equipment for 2 Persons

For only N$ 8 060.00 per person sharing

Special offer valid from 01.February 2011 until 30.June 2011
Terms & Conditions apply, rate may change, Park fees excluded, Vat & Tourism Levy included

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Storm at Eagle Tented Lodge & Spa

Local news received from Leading Lodges of Africa
They have informed us of the following:
"Please note that we had a storm at Eagle Tented Lodge & Spa yesterday night and half of the canvases need urgent repair.
Therefore we cannot accommodate guests in the Eagle Tented Lodge & Spa for the coming two to three weeks!"

We would like to inform you that you can still book in at the Epacha Game Lodge & Spa or the surrounding establishments during this time.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sossusvlei has Water

Breaking news received from Sossusvlei Lodge.

The Pictures taken just after the water reached the Sossusvlei, the area known to have some of the worlds highest sand dunes.

The Namib Desert region around Sossusvlei after several years is blessed to have received some good rains. The Tsauchab River has been in flood a few times in the past few days and eventually the water masses made its way through to the end, to Sossusvlei.

The Tsauchab River in full flood, cutting off the road leading to Sossusvlei.

Water in the desert is something not often witnessed. The Namib Desert is said to be one of the oldest and driest desert, having endured arid or semi-arid conditions for an estimated 55 to 80 million years. Animals and plants in the Namib rely largely on morning fog as the main source of water. This often referred to as 'mysterious' fog is as a result of the Arctic water meeting African desert; the Atlantic Ocean is a mere 60km east of Sossusvlei.

The ephemeral Tsauchab River, has its origin in the Naukluft Mountains, makes its way through the Sesriem Canyon and then after another 20-30km onwards forming a delta through the sandy stretches towards the Deadvlei and final dune belt of Sossusvlei. The sandy 5km stretch of road from what is known as the 2x4 Parking is flooded and this phenomenon is currently best viewed from the air.
All other roads from elsewhere in the country leading towards the Sossusvlei area seem relatively fine. They are however best travelled in 4x4, or vehicles with high ground clearance. Special care must be taken when approaching rivers and even the smallest rivulets as these may have steep edges due to sudden and have flow of water. Slow driving is definitely recommended.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Namibia & Botswana Self Drive Camping Safari offered by Namibia Reservations

This 14 Day Camping Tour takes you through Namibia and Botswana giving you the chance to see wildlife, experience the outdoors as well as enjoying the activities. Rough it out in the wild.

2 Persons - campsite Kalahari Bush Breaks near Gobabis for 1 Night,
Tautona Lodge Campsite in Ghanzi/Botswana for 1 Night,
Audi Camp campsite in Maun for 2 Nights,
Nata lodge Campsite for 1 Night inclusive 1 game Drive into the Pan for 3hrs,
Chobe Safari Lodge Capsite in Kasane for 2 Nights inclusive 1 Boat Cruise and 1 Day Trip to the Victoria Galls in Zimbabwe,
Popa Falls Rest Camp for 1 Night,
Roy’s Rest Camp in Grootfontein for 1 night,
Namutoni Campsite in the Etosha National Park for 1 Night,
Khorixas Rest Camp for 1 Night,
Alte Brücke campsite for 2 Nights including 1 Boat Cruise in Walvis Bay,
Car Rental - Toyota Hi-Lux 4x4 with camping equipment for 2 Persons

For only N$ 12 030.00 per person sharing

Special offer valid from 01.02.2011 - 30.06.2011
Terms & Conditions apply, rate may change, Park fees excluded,
Vat & Tourism Levy included

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Impalila refurbishments and Islands in Africa news

The aftermath of the 2010 football World Cup is almost a distant memory yet Islands in Africa is anticipating an exciting year ahead. Already guest enquiries for the Caprivi lodges has sparked renewed interest in the region as world economies find their footing after previous turbulence.

In anticipation of the coming season, renovation is currently underway. Ntwala Island Lodge is undergoing general maintenance, while Impalila Island Lodge is enjoying a facelift with both structural and major soft refurbishment taking place - these improvements include the main lodge facilities as well as the chalets. As a consequence of the work being completed, under supervision of new management, Impalila Island Lodge is at present closed but will reopen in time for Valentine's Day on the 14th February 2011.

Though the Zambezi has begun to rise - as it is wont to do at this time of the year - the quality of the tiger fishing indicates the existing health of the river. In late January, productive angling was enjoyed at the lodges with a trio of specimen "water dogs" exceeding the 8 kg mark being landed.

At Susuwe Island Lodge on the Kwando River, feverish excitement prevailed when guests sighted lion cubs in the company of their parents near Little Serengeti. From the "vocalising" taking place from the males, it seems they are still intent on remaining active within their territory despite the inclement weather patterns. Encouragingly too, leopard sightings are becoming more frequent.

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