Friday, March 11, 2011

Namibia shines...Country ranked 3rd top tourism destination by WEF

Namibia has been ranked third top tourism destination in sub-Saharan Africa by the 2011 Travel and Tourism Competitive Index, coming ahead of much-popularised exotic countries such as Kenya and Tanzania. Namibia follows South Africa at number two spot with Mauritius toping the list of 30 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Botswana ranks fifth in the regional listing. Namibia ranks 84 in the overall ranking of 139 countries worldwide. Switzerland is at number one in the world, while South Africa and Botswana rank 66 and 91 respectively. The “rich natural resources, fauna and a pristine natural environment” along with prioritised environment sustainability and “well developed ground transport infrastructure,” played in the favour of Namibia.
The World Economic Forum (WEF) released the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report on March 07 at the Global Tourism Forum 2011 in Andorra. Last year’s football world cup contributed to South Africa as a holiday destination as it “reinforced South Africa’s position as a key international tourist destination,” along with “reasonably priced hotel rooms and a favourable tax regime,” says the report. Yet, “safety and security remain serious concerns” and so is the level of health and hygiene with “low physician density and concerns about access to improved sanitation.
Namibia’s western neighbour, Botswana, which ranked fifth in the region scored high for its natural resources, with much nationally protected land area, rich fauna, and a lack of environmental damage. The country also benefits from excellent price competitiveness, with low-ticket taxes and airport charges, a favourable tax regime, and low prices more generally. “In addition, some aspects of the policy environment are supportive of the sector’s development, including well-protected property rights and few visa restrictions,” comments the report.
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