Wednesday, March 23, 2011

BüllsPort Guestfarm and Mountain Zebra research

BüllsPort Guestfarm in collaboration with Professor Morris Gosling of the Namibian Nature Foundation, conducts a very interesting Mountain Zebra research in the spectacular Naukluft Mountains. While studying the ecology and behaviour of this wild and ancient species, which is now protected in Namibia, the project aims to discover how many zebras live on the farm. A hidden camera is positioned in the Quiver tree gorge, capturing the movements of the Hartman’s Mountain Zebra. After a year of research a number of 115 individual animals were recorded. Like human fingerprints, all zebra stripe patterns are individually unique so that once an animal is photographed, it can be recognised again. Visitors to the region are asked if they take pictures of Mountain Zebras in the Naukluft Region, to kindly forward photographs and especially good quality side views of animals, with a record of date and location of sightings to Prof Gosling:
This information serves to keep track of the movements of known animals and greatly supports the research project.

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