Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Solitaire Guest Farm Desert Ranch

One of Namibia's finest experiences is visiting the famous Dunes of Sossusvlei, Sesriem canyon, Naukluft Mountains and Spreedtshoogte Pass.

Solitaire Guest Farm  Desert Ranch is the perfect location from which to base your day trips and excursions to these destinations or to simply relax for few days.  The Farm is situated at the foot of the rugged Rand Mountains with a breathtaking view over the vast Namib Desert and beautiful Naukluft Mountains.

Enjoy one of our authentic African themed en-suite rooms, our luxury self catering house or camp at our peaceful campsite with amenities.

En-Suite Rooms

Luxury House

Other Facilities


Meet The Animals

 The Meerkat Family 

Our meerkats originally came from N/a'an ku se's wildlife sanctuary. Due to conflicts with other meerkats they needed a new home. Guests always enjoy watching the family rummaging around the farm looking for food or basking in front of the fire on cold mornings!


Bokkie the Sprinbok was rescued by Simone when she was found abandoned when only months old.

She now spends her time walking around the Farm greeting guests.


Max the Oryx was also rescued by Simone when he was young. He has had his horns removed for people's safety.

He is very friendly and often approaches people hoping to get his chin scratched.


Sammy is an African Grey parrot and can be found at reception. The first voice guests often hear as they arrive is Sammy saying 'Hello'.  Sammy is hugely amusing with his vast vocabulary and when guests go to bed they will often here Sammy say 'lekker slaap' which is Afrikaans for 'sleep well'.

The farm is also home to peacocks, guinea fowl and two friendly cats. They also have a 'pets corner' with rabbits, chickens, ducks and guinea pigs.

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