Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Coastal Town

Walvis Bay is blessed with wide open spaces, scenic beauty and unique marine and plant life. With its endless variety of sun-drenched sport and recreational adventures your visit to the Skeleton Coast will be an unforgettable experience.

Places of Interest

1.The Dolphin Park and Long Beach resorts

Attract many visitors who choose to stay close to the ocean with the luxury of well-equipped accommodation and facilities.

2.Dune 7

Most famous desert landmark in Namibia, one of the highest crests in the dune belt along the coast.With picnic sites and shaded with palm trees the dune is a popular sand-boarding haunt, while simply climbing to the top to see the view is an adventure on its own.

3.The Walvis Bay Lagoon 

The Lagoon is an international Ramsar sanctuary for birds. Estimated to be 3500 years old it is one of the most important coastal wetlands in Southern Africa.

4.Kuiseb River Delta

In the dry riverbeds the Topnaars harvest the seeds of an endemic melon called !nara as a source of income. The seeds of this unique fruit are highly nutritious and said to have medicinal properties. The Kuiseb River Canyon, located about 135 km from Walvis Bay en route to Windhoek is one of the many attractions in the area. It is estimated that the canyon was formed about two million years ago.

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