Monday, March 30, 2015

Beautiful landscapes in Damaraland

Damaraland is part of the Kaokoveld, the most sparsely populated area of Namibia - and this in a country that is already one of the countries with the least inhabitants compared to size; just 2 inhabitants per square kilometer.

Southern Damaraland has many attractions, and the landscape is totally different from the rest of Namibia, with interesting geological formations.

Brandberg Mountain- The highest one in Namibia.
 The 'fire mountain', is so called because of the effect created by the setting sun on its western face, which causes the granite massif to resemble a burning slag-heap glowing red.  

 Twyfelfontein rock art- Desert winds, heat and cold caused them to deep grooves to develop in the stone. Further erosion caused them to break away from the cliff face and tumble down. Therein, gigantic boulders placed near one another, form a maze of towering passagesFlat smooth surfaces had provided an ideal workface for ancient San artists. Their artworks are called petroglyphs or rock engravings, which were created by removing part of a rock surface by abrading, carving, incising or pecking. 

VingerKlip-The Vingerklip is the geological leftover of a Ugab Terrace, its geological history can be read like an open book when looking at the layers of conglomerate. The Rock Finger stand on a hill top and has a height of 929 m above sea level, the rock itself is 35 metres high.

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