Monday, March 16, 2015

Felix Unite River Lodge

The Cabana’s at Felix Unite's Orange River Camp in Noordoewer Namibia, boast Magnificent views of the Great Orange river, with air conditioning and decorated in true African Style.

Activities:various Orange River Trips, desert walks into the Namibian desert to view the petrified forests.

1.Orange River Canoe Trips
 Felix Unite River Adventures off Orange River Canoe Trips down the Great Orange River in Southern Namibia, these Canoe trips range from Day trips to 4 & 6 day Orange River Canoe Trips. They supply all canoeing equipment, ie. 2 man Mohawk canoes, paddles and life jackets. Experienced guides will accompany you providing catering, safety and assistance.

2.Fishing on the Orange River
 Fishing on the Orange River is very exciting – sometimes the takes are so soft and subtle that they are very easy to miss while other times they smash the flies really hard. It is a great trip to do and combined with a bit of catch and release fishing……the fish in the Orange will certainly put a serious bend in your rod!!!

For those returning from Orange River rafting adventures, extreme white water rafting excursions and extended river trips hungry for great food, a quiet atmosphere and good times, the Restaurant is the perfect solution.

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