Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Growing grapes for the greater good

Neuras Harvest Festival

16 203.8kg of tantalizing grapes were painstakingly hand-picked from 16 January to 16 February this year, and yes, all of that in just a month!

After the 10 month fermentation and maturing process that lies ahead – and what a wait that will be - an even more tantalizing 3 340 liters of Shiraz, 710 liters of Grenache, 935 liters of Mourvedre, 200 liters of Merlot and Petit Verdot, 800 liters of port, 500 liters of Rosé and two 50 liter vats of brandy will be produced… something to tempt every palette. An approximate 9 712 bottles will be filled with the true taste of Neuras and Namibia.
Neuras, N/a’an ku sê Wine and Wildlife Estate – an oasis of wine and wildlife creating a conservation legacy.

February was certainly carnivore month at N/a’an ku sê, with magnificent cats having been collared and released.
Leopard 084

February’s first carnivore collaring saw splendid leopard 084 joining the ranks of our monitored felines. Approximately 300km north of N/a’an ku sê a farmer had caught a gorgeous female leopard in a trap cage, and our team quickly flew to the site - proving that “rapid response” is another tool in N/a’an ku sê’s repertoire of rescuing tactics. 
Not to be outdone…
the cheetahs join the ranks

Kanaan, a breathtaking 33 000 hectares of spectacular locations… and wild free-roaming carnivores. Our intrepid Kanaan based researcher soon discovered a marking tree with obvious signs that wild cheetahs had chosen the spot for their social antics. And sure enough… a camera trap caught images of the spotted predators.

A trap cage was quickly set up, and soon a gorgeous male cheetah, whose natural urge to visit his territorial marking tree got the better of him, entered the cage.

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