Friday, March 20, 2015

Luderitz-Exploring Namibia's Historic Diamond Town

The small town of Luderitz is located in the South of Namibia and if you are lucky enough to have some free time on your holiday, then you should definitely go on a tour of it and its surrounds. From quaint old German-style architecture, to beautiful wide-open skies and crystal clear seas with white beaches, Luderitz is a small town with a lot to see.

The first great thing about Luderitz is that it has its own airport. Flights go to Luderitz from Windhoek once a day, and getting a ticket is usually not a problem.
One can also drive from Windhoek to Luderitz. It's a straight shot along the B4 and will take you about 6-7 hours to do.

The Nest Hotel
The perfect stopover for “Namibia” holidaymakers, business people and conference organisers and delegates.
The Nest Hotel in the twilight.

Take your time
Luderitz exists as a town largely thanks to the diamond industry in Namibia, and to this day diamonds continue to be an important part of the town's economy. With the railway being refurbished and new buildings going up all the time, the future is looking bright for this sometimes forgotten town.
colourful buildings
But today we will concern ourselves with the past and of particular interest is the unique architecture of Luderitz. Colourful buildings built during the time of German occupation line the streets, and businesses more than a hundred years old can be found on some of the streets.

Historical sites
The town also has several historical sites, which are worth visiting. There is a wealth of information on the town’s history and you can find this information at any tourist centre or hotel in Luderitz.
 A memorial for those who died fighting for their land.

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