Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Terrace Bay

There are a number of places on earth that capture your creative imagination and leave a lasting impression on your mind. Namibia happens to have a number of them along its coast which serve as much sought after retreats. Terrace Bay is an angler's paradise offering an absolutely unsurpassed coastal experience packed into one destination.
Whereas the Resort is ideal for anglers, it is also set in an undisturbed and peaceful surrounding enveloped in the sand dunes of the northern Namib Desert. Whether it is families looking for a getaway holiday or ardent adventurers looking to explore the Uniab River delta, Terrace Bay has something for everybody.
The Resort caters for a maximum of 50 people and thus ensuring not only minimum human induced impact on the environment s but also an enhanced wilderness experience for the visitor.
Things to do while at Terrace Bay

The cold Benguela current which runs offshore in the Atlantic Ocean is the source of a large variety of fish species. Therefore bring along your rod and experience a fishing adventure of a lifetime! Remember to obtain your fishing license at the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources before entering the Skeleton Coast Park.
Beach Chalets

Terrace Bay is a destination with a difference!

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