Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Namibia Reservations has compiled a Bucket List

We here at Namibia Reservations have compiled a Bucket List for all travelers wanting to miss nothing spectacular of Namibia.  In our Bucket List, there are the highlights, but you can never see enough of our beautiful country Namibia.  Enjoy!

1.  Houseboat Safari on the Zambezi
Traveling on a houseboat is a rare experience.   Sleeping among the hippos and crocodiles will be a number one for most of our team.

2. Swakopmund Sky dive
Skydiving is something that actually can be done anywhere, however in Swakopmund you have a unique setting.  The thrill of jumping out of a plane curls my toes as I think about it, having the dunes on your right and the ocean on your left.  The mental picture you make of that can never be captured onto a photo.  

3. Walvis Bay / Swakopmund Catamaran
Experiencing the Namibian coast in-depth on a Dolphin or Seal cruise has to be on any tourists Namibian Bucket List.  Not only will you see different types of sea animals, you will also have the chance to taste one of our delicacies the oyster.  On a cruise they serve raw oysters from the shell, sprinkled with a bit of roughly ground black pepper and splashed with a dash of Tabasco sauce.   This is one of my favorite things of a cruise, other than seeing dolphins and whales.  It does not matter how many times I see a dolphin, I can never get enough of these gorgeous animals.

4. Damaraland Camping
Damaraland is the most scenic areas in Namibia, that offers the traveler a most adventurous challenge.  From open plains and grasslands to sandy wastes.  Here you will see Desert animals and the Damara people who inhabit this land.  Camping here, you will experience the open starry skies of Namibia.  No lights objecting your view, this is where dreams come true.  

5. Ballooning over the Sossusvlei
This one is on my own Bucket List, this is a once in a life time opportunity. The Sossusvlei has been rated one of the most spectacular sites of Namibia.  Taking this safari at dusk or just before sunrise you will experience strong colors that are constantly changing.  On this safari don't forget to take your camera along, as this is a great photographic opportunity.

6. Etosha National Park
This might be an old destination but most common.  I have been to Etosha, but I will go back as many times as I can.  Seeing so many animals in one place is remarkable and only in Namibia.  This is absolutely an animal lovers haven.  Seeing how the lions lie around waterholes, how the elephant stand around or walking across the road right in front of you.  How the giraffes stretch to get to the highest leaves on the trees.  What I love most about Etosha is the fact that these animals are not bewildered at all.  Elephants come as close a 5 feet or even closer.  Etosha will stay on my list and no matter how many times I have been there I will always want to go back.

7. Where the Namib meets the ocean
The cold waters of the sea brushing against the dunes of the Namib desert is one of the most surreal sights.  This is a personal favorite of Magret Mtleni, one of our top achieving consultants.  With the most spectacular dunes in the world, raging from pink to vivid orange this scene has Magret's heart sobbing over this beauty.

8. Waterberg climb
Reaching high over the plains of Namibia is the Waterberg Plateau, a 20-kilometer by 50-kilometer table mountain massif made of porous sandstone that soaks up moisture. Rainwater that drips through the stone top collects on a solid layer of clay beneath, and the water that runs off creates springs on the southeast side of the plateau. I encourage travelers to climb to the top of Waterberg to experience the entire area.  Soak it all in!

9. The Caprivi
After I asked our team the hardest question you could ask "Where would you travel if you could and what would you like to see in Namibia?"  After taking into consideration ALL of Namibia, they feel they would like travelers to definitely see the Caprivi.  Staying one night is not enough.  For me, Top 3 most beautiful landscapes of Namibia is the Caprivi.  The nature, the bush, the animals, the river, the...beauty!  Experience true Africa with the abundance of hippos, elephants and buffalo.  The wetlands are a must on the Bucket List.

10. Erindi Private Game Reserve
Here, the home of the Big 5!  I cannot recommend Erindi enough to anyone who has a passion for wild life and wild life photography you will leave as inspired as I was.

Well there it is! The Top 10.  If I don't stop now, I'm afraid I will never stop as Namibia will never get old and you will never see enough of this remarkable place.

Realizing now I think I missed to mention an ultimate for me:  At Nr. 11, I have the sunset of Namibia.  Nowhere else have I experienced a sunset as spectacular as a truly Namibian sunset. Whether it is standing on the Waterberg, sunset over the dunes, or sunset in Swakopmund.  I advise you leave your camera in it's bag till you have soaked it all in.  Drink in the beauty before capturing the memory forever.  

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