Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Beautiful Okahirongo River Camp

Long grass blows in the wind, lone green trees adorn the vast landscape and springbok roam through the spectacular vistas. The landscape is dotted with the mysterious fairy circles, round patches in a sea of grass entirely devoid of vegetation. Until today research has reached no definite explanation as to their origin. This isolated area of the Kunene region is home to the Himba people, one of the last semi-nomadic desert-dwelling peoples to grace the continent.


Okahirongo River Camp is an eco-friendly lodge built on a sweeping ridge and opening up to breathtaking views of the Kunene River. The entire camp is run by solar generated power and comprises two lounges, a library and dining room, decked out in African elegance. The turquoise waters of the swimming pool spell out refreshment from the desert heat and simply delight in the exotic grandeur of the natural surroundings.
The Luxury Tent
Built into the rocky terrain all the accommodation are constructed with wood and canvas and each have a magnificent view of their own.
The Family Suite
A private veranda guarantees utmost comfort and the exclusive right of being at one with nature.


Explore the magical surroundings on an early morning walk or a scenic drive into the mountains or golden sand dunes complete with unforgettable sundowners. The wonders of the Kunene River will provide plenty of entertainment, be it fishing (conventionally and fly fishing), cruising along the river in awe of the rich bird life or be on the lookout for some mighty crocodiles.

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