Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Kambahoka Restcamp

Omaheke, meaning ‘sandveld’, describes the cattle-farming region well. The basic campsites in the area combine simple camping on fine Kalahari sand under the shade of acacia trees with a rich cultural experience. Different ethnic groups are highlighted at each campsite and by visiting them all, you gain a sampling of three interesting Namibian cultures, Herero, San and Tswana.

Situated next to the Aminuis salt pan, 180 km south-east of Gobabis, Kambahoka Restcamp consists of seven campsites, each with a table and barbecue area, and basic facilities.

At Kambahoka Rest Community Campsite you will have an opportunity to meet with and experience the traditions & culture of the Tswanas, Herero’s and Bushmen Admire the massive salt pan which presents itself in the form of an imaginary


    Cultural performance and storytelling around the fire
    Visit to nearby homesteads
    Guided walk to the salt pan
    Delicious meal prepared by local woman
    Craft & donkey cart rides

Nearby Attractions
    Kalahari Desert
    Traditional villages
    Ominus Salt pan

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