Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Bagatelle Kalahari Game Reserve

Bagatelle - this French word refers to something small, of little consequence, not very important!
The lodge lies on the edge of the Southern Kalahari in the mixed tree and shrub Savanna.

The ranch is characterized by huge red sands dunes running parallel, and in a northwesterly to southeasterly direction. The valleys in between the parallel dunes are commonly known as ‘streets’. The design and décor, materials and furnishings, gardens and natural settings, all combine to ensure our guests live their dream of an African Safari.

A rambling old farmhouse was extensively altered, upgraded and renovated to not only serve as a residence, but also as the main nerve center of the Lodge.
An entrance hall leads to the reception, lounge, dining room, bar & cellar, library and office. There is a swimming pool and recreation area with a pool table and hammock. An open-air-lapa for outdoor meals captures the atmosphere of an African Safari.
Bagatelle Kalahari Game Ranch

Two styles of chalets are provided, both have the same standard of luxury and finished quality. Four chalets, constructed of wood and on stilts are built on top of a Kalahari sand dune, with unsurpassed views to the Southwest.
The other six chalets are built in the street or valley between the dunes. These chalets are built of ‘hay bales’ with walls 600mm thick, the insulation and atmosphere are equally effective and tranquil.


Morning Scenic Drive - A game drive in the reserve with a variety of game such as giraffe, kudu, zebra, oryx, blue wildebeest and eland. The reserve has some of the highest dunes in this region with views over the pan, characteristic of the Kalahari. 

Bushman Walk - A relaxing walk with the Bushmen (San) to their deomonstrational village, sharing with you their ancient survival skills and secrets inherited from their forefathers. Keeping the past alive. On arrival at the traditional Bushman village, you will meet a family who will present you with the way they used to store water in ostrich eggs, plants for medicinal use, setting up traps, the making of ostrich and bead jewellery, etc. This is really an unforgettable experience.

Night Game Drive - After dinner, this drive offers the more adventures of heart the opportunity to look out with the aid of a strong spotlight, for various nocturnal animals such as aardwolf, wild cats and owls.

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