Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Nama Padloper Route - Namibia

The Nama Padloper Route has an abundance of natural attractions with unique landscapes and a diverse range of fauna and flora. Most of the route falls within the Succulent Karoo Biome whilst the area east of the Fish River falls in the Nama Karoo Biome.The name ‘Nama’ comes from the Nama people who inhabit southern Namibia. The Nama have much in common with the San (Bushmen), sharing the same linguistic roots, light skin and small build. The term ‘padloper’ is an Afrikaans word which means ‘path walker’, ‘road walker’ or ‘trail walker.’

This main route is subdivided into four sub-routes, each with its own interesting sites and attractions. The first is a 160km drive from Noordoewer to Rosh Pinah, with a variety of accommodation, restaurants, bars and a grape farm, as well as some historical mining sites along the way. Activities include river rafting, camping and relaxing on the banks of the Orange River.

 The second sub-route, Kyk-in-die-Pot which directly translated into English means ‘look inside the pot’, got its name from a house that can be found on this road. The house is built at such an angel to the road that you can look into the kitchen and see what is cooking in the pot. This is a scenic route through spectacular landscapes and an ideal day trip from Rosh Pinah.

 The third is the Witputs Route, which is a scenic drive through farmlands between Rosh Pinah and the Keetmanshoop. The route takes travellers past the north-western boundary of the Fish River Canyon National Park, before heading to Feldschuhhorn, where it eventually meets the B4 to L├╝deritz and Keetmanshoop.The fourth is Rosh Pinah town, which apart from being an ideal base from which to explore the surrounding areas, also has a few of its own attractions worth noting. Boasting a golf and tennis club and a number of accommodation options for tourists the gravel road between Rosh Pinah and Aus has also recently been tarred, making travel between these two places significantly easier.

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