Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Discover Namibia

Tours and Safaris

Namibia is a wonderfully diverse country, with landscapes running from the stunning Namib Desert in the South through to the world famous Etosha National Park in the North, passing through an array of cultures and scenery inbetween.
As a country Namibia has so much to offer the traveller. Whether you are looking for a game viewing holiday, an adventure holiday or just a great place to relax and unwind. Namibia has it all! 

Self Driving in Southern Africa
Self drive safaris have become increasingly more and more popular in Southern Africa.
Namibian roads see very little traffic and are by and large well maintained. More remote areas will require a 4x4 vehicle, but a large part of the country is accessible by 2x4 or in some areas sedan vehicles. Large parts of Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia are very accessible to self drivers too!
For the budget traveller, or just those who love being close to nature, camping equipped vehicles are also available.
Namibia is a land of contrasts and so each days drive brings something new and interesting within the ever changing landscape.
Self driving gives you the opportunity to take everything in at your own pace, to stop for photo opportunities wherever you like.
 Guided Safaris
Guided tours and safaris are an excellent way to see Namibia and Botswana without the added hassles of maps, directions and other similar worries.
Fly Inn Safaris
If you only have a limited time to visit Namibia, or are looking for a luxurious stay then a fly in safari is highly recommended.
Namibia is a vast country, so with average drive times of 4 hours between destinations it is extremely time saving to simply take a light aircraft between your lodges, shaving your travel time down considerably, whilst also enjoying the sights of Namibia from the air!

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