Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Meet The New Tour Consultants - Namibia Reservations

The cock among the hens. Filemon loves going out and having fun. He likes to meet different kinds of people and enjoys playing football and singing. Some great traits about Filemon is that he’s a good listener and loves solving problems and getting involved. The thing Filemon enjoys most about his job is to make someone else’s holiday more fun and the best! Team work is very important to this guy!

 Our one and only German speaking consultant, Katharina was born in Germany and has been living in Namibia for years. This bundle of energy loves baking and photography. Animals, nature and camping are also some of her many, many interests. Katharina describes herself as a whole lot of “crazyness”. Her life motto is “I am who I am.” Traveling is her passion.

This friendly face loves poetry, quotes and nature. Uaaruka likes taking walks through her neighborhood. She describes herself as hard working, caring, loving and a role model to her siblings and son. What she loves most about her job is the fact that she’s responsible for someone’s holiday. It makes her proud knowing that she gets up every day to do what she loves to do.

 Hailing from the North of Namibia, this extraordinary woman loves interacting with different kinds of people. Always friendly and happy, Magret enjoys reading, reading and more reading. Above all things on earth Magret loves her family most. Her best quality is that she’s dependable. You can be sure to always have a smile on your face when being in the same room as Magret.

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