Friday, January 10, 2014

Brandberg - Namibia

 * Namibia’s highest peak is part of the Brandberg massif which covers an area of about 650 km. Kunigstein is the highest point at 2 573 metres and is a popular challenge to rock climbers.
* The Brandberg is most famous for the rock painting known as the White Lady .

* While the Brandberg is home to many paintings aged 2 000 to 4 000 years of age the White Lady has stirred much controversy. The unusual image was discovered by Reinhard Maack in 1917 but got its name from French archaeologist Abb Henri Breuil who was the first to draw attention to it. Breuil triggered a controversy about the significance of the unusual painting.
* While the controversy remains unsolved visitors will find that the White Lady depicts neither a white person nor a woman. The character is part of a hunting scene in which it is the most prominent hunter dressed in some sort of white pants.
* The White Lady is located on an overhang known as Maack’s Shelter. The hike to the painting will take about an hour and it is best to avoid the midday heat on this excursion.
* Botanists will find specimen of the ancient Welwitschia mirabilis at the Messum Crater south-west of the Brandberg and the indigenous Acacia montis-usti are characteristic of the Brandberg Valley.

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