Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Gobabeb-Namibia's World-Famous Desert Research Centre

Have you ever heard of the Gobabeb Research & Training Centre? Do you wanna know what it is all About? Here is some facts that will inform you all about the Gobabeb Research and Training Centre........Enjoy........

Gobabeb Centre
Dunes at Gobabeb Training Centre
*The Gobabeb Training and Research Center is an internationally recognized center for dry land training and research in Namibia
*Locted in the Namib Desert, 120km South East of Walvis Bay
*Gobabeb was founded by the Austrian entomologist Dr. Charles Koch in 1962. Since 1998 Gobabeb has been a joint Venture between the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) and the Desert Research Foundation Namibia (DRFN).*Gobabeb conducts research in the fields of climate, ecology and geomorphology. Further it tests, demonstrates and promotes Appropriate Technologies
*By conducting training courses Gobabeb aims to improve the public awareness and knowledge of dry land ecology and environmental issues. The station consists of permanent researchers, students, and interns, as well as short time visitors such as school and university groups, and tourists. Gobabeb also hosts film crews, journalists and artists.
Gobabeb Water Tank
*The name Gobabeb, spelt correctly as /Nomabeb, is a Nama/Topnaar word meaning ‘the place of the fig tree’. It refers to the large Ficus that grows in the Kuiseb riverbed below the station. This particular site was selected for building a research facility because it affords access to the three main habitats that occur in the Namib Desert: the dune sea, the gravel plains and the ephemeral Kuiseb River and its associated woodland.

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