Thursday, April 7, 2016

Namibian Landscapes

Namibia Namibia has some of the world’s most spectacular desert ecosystems and contains a wide range of landscapes, wildlife and people.

its stark, magical beauty and diversity of culture combine to make it one arid, expansive paradise. between the inhospitable Namib desert lining the atlantic coast and the escarpment of the interior plateau hides a panorama of richly coloured sand dunes, vast plains, savannahs teeming with african game and rugged brown mountains.


This landscape comprises some of the most pristine wilderness on the globe. the first country in the world to enshrine environmental protection in its national constitution, Namibia’s articles 93 and 95 ensure that the roughly 15 percent of the territory that is designated as national parkland is safeguarded from commercial or agricultural development. enforcement and general administration of these areas comes under the ministry of environment and tourism. with proper management, the future of Namibia’s wildlife and associated tourist industry is assured.

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