Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ai Ais

Welcome to Ai Ais Resort in Fish River Canyon

Meaning ‘burning water’ in the local Nama dialect, /Ai-/Ais is in reference to the natural thermal springs found at the base of the mountain peaks at the southern end of the Fish River canyon. It is popular with tourists, who come for both the hot springs, and the challenging 85 km Fish River Canyon hike. The area has rugged and beautiful scenery and diverse flora, containing elements of both the Succulent karoo (winter rainfall) and Nama karoo (summer rainfall) biomes..

Riverview/Mountainview Rooms

Camping site:
The Camping Site at Ai Ais is situated right alongside the riverbed at the end   of the Fish River Canyon.

Attractions & Activities
- Spa facilities
- Swimming pool
- Play a Game of Tennis
- Hiking
- Explore the Fish River Canyon

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