Monday, February 23, 2015

Popular attractions in and around Otjiwarongo

Otjiwarongo is an attractive, neatly kept town which enjoys all the modern amenities of supermarkets, banks, hotels and restaurants. The area also offers various popular attractions.
Places to visit:
1.Crocodile Farm
The crocodile farm near the eastern border of town, where you can observe and photograph crocodiles at close range and learn about the breeding habits of these reptiles.The ranch exports the skins, but sells the meat locally.
• Guided tour
• Wide selection of crocodiles
• Curio shop
• Restaurant and refreshments 

2.Cheetah Conservation 
Namibia has the largest remaining population of free-ranging cheetahs, some 2 500, in the world. The Cheetah Conservation Fund, which is specifically dedicated to the survival of cheetahs, has established an information centre 44km outside of Otjiwarongo. They welcome day visitors who can meet and learn more about cheetahs and cheetah conservation in Namibia.

3.Waterberg Plateau
The spectacular Waterberg Plateau rises about 200m above the surroundinglandscape.Waterberg Plateau is a unique flat-topped plateau with stunning scenery and excellent wildlife. It’s largely made of sandstone, often sculpted into amazing shapes, and is dotted with freshwater springs. The diverse patchwork of wooded areas, grasslands and verdant ravines on the top is particularly well suited to hiking trips.
It is situated about 50km east of Otjiwarongo.
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