Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Super Fun - Dune Boarding

Well, since Namibia does not have snow covered mountains, but what we do have is these amazingly high sand dunes. Dune boarding involves riding across or down a dune with both feet strap to a board, while others use a board with no bindings.

Now visitors and fellow Namibians can take place in one of the most fun sport there is, in one of the most stunning places of the world.

And for those from snowy homes – you can use your snow-boarding skills to slide down some of the purest and largest dunes in the world – the Namib dunes. 

It is less popular than snowboarding, partly because it is very difficult to build a mechanised ski lift on a sand dune, and so participants generally must walk back up to the top. Alternatively, they may ride a dune buggy or all-terrain vehicle back to the top of the dune. On the other hand, dunes are normally available year-round as opposed to ski resorts, which are usually seasonal.

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