Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Put Foot Rally Africa Unfiltered

Put Foot Rally Africa 17 June - 4 July 2014
This is an African Adventure



60 Crews will depart from South Africa, driving in a clockwise direction as they make their way to a Checkpoint in each country over the course of 18 days.

The Put Foot Rally is NOT a charity event. It is a social adventure in Africa!

They just believe in having the time of their lives in Africa and doing good at the same time! That's why, with the help of the legendary Put Footers, they give back to Africa either through direct, hands-on charity work, or by supporting worthy causes.

The goal is to raise funds for a minimum of 600 pairs of shoes and to provide Donors and Put Foot Rally participants with the opportunity to see and feel 'first-hand' the life-changing experience that gifting a brand new pair of school shoes to a young underprivileged child can deliver!

We are proud to announce that Team Nam X-Tream will be part of the shoe drop again this year.

Shoe drop in Namibia on 23 June at Ombika Primary School

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