Monday, October 14, 2013

Interesting Facts About Boerkos

“Boerekos is the food that was cooked every day in Afrikaner homes. It originated long before there were stoves in kitchens, when food was still hung on a hook over the fire and when people still had to cobble together a meal as they trekked deep into the interior.”

Boerekos greatest influence comes from the early Dutch settlers (from 1652) but has evolve through the influence of the French Huguenots, Germans, Portuguese, slaves from the East and the indigenous people of  Africa.

Boerekos is the traditional food of the Afrikaner, traditionally it was made with what was in the garden, or with what your immediate surrounds could offer you (hunting, fishing and food from the veld) 

 Typical of boerekos is biltong (dry cured meat) droë wors (dried sausage) waterblammetjie bredie (cape pondweed stew) tomato and other stews, bobotie, snoek, boerewors (farmers sausage) various rusks, braai vleis (meat grilled over open fire) offal, various pies, potjiekos (a stew like dish prepared in a three legged cast iron pot over the fire), various seafood and venison.

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