Friday, October 4, 2013

The meerkats - Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge - Kalkrand Namibia

The Meerkat Siblings at The Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge....

A short while ago, a person working at the lodge stumbled upon two meerkat babies while inspecting the hiking trails. Whining, the two sat by the roadside with their mother nowhere in sight. He then  took them to the Lodge where they have since been looked after by   the Lodge manager. The two meerkats were tame within a week and have been getting ever more confident every day. They have moved into the manager’s apartment for good and follow him  around wherever he goes.Once in a while they will also make an appearence in the lodge when they want to play.  They especially enjoy the diversion whenever we have theres children around, as both love to be carried around, hugged and petted. The two of them have wormed their way into everyone’s heart!!!!!!

About the Kalahari Red Dune Lodge!!!!
Enjoy the Kalahari desert from one of twelve individual guest houses. Carrying the names of the largest wild animal species of the reservation, the stilted guest houses are arranged around a Vlei, a natural dry lake.....

Nyla, Impala, Blue Wildebeast, Black Wildebeast, Springbok, Eland, Girrafe, Oryx, Red Hartebeast, Zebra,  Kudu and Ostrich.

The Main House
 Exterior walls made from canvas and the traditional African thatched roofs guarantee an excellent indoor climate even with high outside temperatures. All bathrooms are built as solid construction. The living space of each guest house varies from 50 to 60 sqm.
Teak floorsBathrooms with natural stone tiles and traditional decorationTeak terraces and boardwalksHidden outdoor showersGenerous distances between the houses guarantee for privacyPicture windows on a natural watering hole for animal watching

 Some Activities you can enjoy:

Trans Kahalari Walk
Mountain Biking
Game Drive
Sundown Drive

Animal Kingdom

The following animals roam the private game reserve on almost 10,000 acres:
Giraffe, eland, black wildebeest, blue wildebeest, Hartmann’s mountain zebra, plains zebra, nyala, impala, springbok, blesbok, red hartebeest, oryx, kudu, steenbok, porcupine, pangolin, aardvark, warthog, ostrich, meerkat. Many common small animals waterfowl during rainy season.


The Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge is situated in a nature reserve characterized by two deserts:
KALAHARI desert: infinite chains of red sand dunes alternate with green valleys. The lovely view will charm every visitor. It is the home of oryxes, springboks, and kudus.
GREAT KAROO desert: vast grass steppes, dry river courses with abundant water bank vegetation, small dry lakes, and tree savanna. Giraffes, zebras, gnus, elands, impalas, and nyalas prefer this region.

 The Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge....Come visit and Enjoy........

Kalahari Red-Dunes-Lodge
P.O. Box 113
Kalkrand, Namibia
Tel: +264 (0) 63 264003
Cell: +264 (0) 814079127
Fax: +264 (0) 63 264029

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