Thursday, September 19, 2013

The National Botanic Garden - Namibia

The National Botanic Garden of Namibia is a 12 hectare nature reserve in the heart of the City of Windhoek, where you can see and learn about Namibia's fascinating plants.

The garden initially began in the early 70s as a nature park when the area was fenced off, paths were laid out, a dam was built and some of the first trees were planted. When the funds became depleted and full-time staff members could no longer be employed, the garden was closed.
Thus it remained until the 1990s when a herbarium was opened on the premises.
The herbarium staff members asked the Ministry permission to develop the botanical garden. They were given the go-ahead, and when the herbarium subsequently became the National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI), they continued to administer the garden. 


 Golden and tawny during the dry winter months, the Botanical Gardens, unlike others in the world, hasn’t been landscaped, planted with lawns, or adorned with exotic plants – it remains purely and proudly Namibian.


Enjoy walks and birdwatching in an relaxing environment!!!!!

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