Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Namibian Zebra's

Hartmann's (Mountain) Zebra - Equus Zebra

Size: Head and body length: 210-260 cm
Tail length: 40-55 cm
Shoulder height: 116-150 cmWeight: 240-372 kg

The pattern of striping in mountain zebras is intermediate between that of Grevy’s zebra and Burchell’s zebra. The stripes on the body are generally narrower and more numerous than those of Burchell’s zebra, with no sign of shadow (faint) stripes between them. The wide horizontal stripes on the rump are broader than those of the other zebras. Mountain zebras are also the only zebra species to possess a dewlap, or skin fold on their throats, a feature that is most developed in males. The underparts are generally white, although there is a mid-ventral black stripe on the chest and belly. The Cape mountain zebra is usually smaller than Hartmann’s mountain zebra, with wider black stripes.

Burchell's (Plains) Zebra - Equus Burchelli

Shoulder height: 1,3m
Mass: 290-340kg

Stocky and horse-like, Burchell zebras show considerable variation in colouration and pattering but is normally striped in black and white with a fainter “shadow” strip superimposed on the white stripe, particularly on the hindquarters. No “grid-iron” pattern on the rump and the striping extends on to the under parts. A long, erect mane extends from the top of the head to the shoulders. Striping may or may not extend to the hooves.

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