Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Uri Adventures

5 Days Faces of the Namib

Discover this desert’s unique treasures…

A world of infinite horizons, dramatic vistas and fascinating flora and fauna…

Reported to be the oldest desert on earth, the Namib is approximately 80 million years old. Completely devoid of surface water, it is bisected by several dry riverbeds and is characterised by extensive, undulating dunes. The Sahara may be larger and Gobi more isolated, but the Namib is the very oldest, so on this trip, prepare for the best desert experience possible! Our aim with this trip is to cross the desert from east to west experiencing all the wonders this desert has to offer.

With the assistance of our knowledgeable and experienced guides you will gain an insight into the history and biology of the untamed land.Training and advice will be given en-route and our guides will be on hand to talk you through any obstacles you might encounter. 2 Way radios are issued to each vehicle at the beginning of the trip. Not only are our guides there to get you to your final destination in a safe, enjoyable manner, but to provide you with 3 excellent meals each day.

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