Thursday, August 15, 2013

'Entdecke Namibia'

We have just received this very positive news from NTB Frankfurt.
Their designed App, "Entdecke Namibia"  has been nominated for the Election of the Best Travel App of the Year, by a public vote activity of the Magazine DIE WELT and the Travel Industry Club.  Apart from the Namibia App, 27 other Apps have been nominated, including the App for the German/Austrian region of the "Salzkammergut", Baden Württenberg, Lufthansa and Expedia!
The Team of NTB Frankfurt Office has developed this App over the past year and has worked meticulously at the concept, content and functions of this app, and is proud of being amongst the top nominees.
The following link will take you to the voting site for the app:

Your vote can be submitted via computer, PC-tablet, iPad or Smartphone. One vote per gadget is possible and voting can be done anonymously. Just vote for your favorite app, fill in required fields & send!  Your 3 clicks will mean one extra vote for Namibia,  and this can mean wonders, and yet another acclaim and achievement for NAMIBIA!
Please support this endeavour.
NTB Frankfurt appreciates your help, - and your contribution will help put Namibia on the map once again! 
Go for it.

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