Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ruacana Falls

Ruacana Falls is among the largest waterfalls in Africa both based on volume and width. The Cunene (or Kunene) River drops 352 feet (107m) over a broad semi crescent shaped, angled scarp into a narrow gorge which straddles the border of Angola and Namibia (the falls are listed in the database as being within Namibia because the primary viewpoints are found within that country). At times of peak discharge the falls may stretch over 3500 feet wide, but because the volume of the Cunene River varies greatly from season to season the actual width and volume of the falls varies greatly.
Additionally, the river has been harnessed for hydroelectric production immediately above the falls. During the dry season the river is syphoned off entirely and the falls run dry. From roughly December to June the annual monsoons provide ample sustenance to the river basin that the hydro project maxes out and the falls return to their impressive natural state.

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