Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Desert Elephants of Namibia from the Ugab & Huab Rivers

Mama Africa is the biggest herd in the Ugab basin and takes its name from the matriarch, a distinctive middle-aged cow. Its defined by 6 cows, 5 sub adults and 2 babies.

Mama Africa herself is a strong matriarch and this herd is the most stable and relaxed in the basin.

A group of well developed and mature cows of whom the matriarch is named The Dowager, easily recognised by her long even upturned tusks. Possibly due to the small size of the group they can often be found in close proximity to Mama Africa. The herd consists of 4 cows, juvenile and a baby.

The most volatile herd in the area with no clearly defined matriarch, there are 5 cows, 1 juvenile and 2 babies. All the cows are of a similar size and age but the juvenile Stella, is easily recognised by his slightly deformed back right leg which was broken when he was a baby.

Huab elephants, unlike the Ugab elephants are habituated to cars due to the large number of lodges in the area and stand as a testament to the benefits of tourism as a conservation tool. They are both relaxed and healthy and breed regularly. There are 6 cows, 2 sub adults and 4 babies.

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