Thursday, June 28, 2012

Table Bay sets High Tea benchmark

Sun International’s Table Bay Hotel lounge provides the perfect location for a social encounter over a teacup. And now, setting a new benchmark for High Tea, the hotel is believed to be one of the first in South Africa to offer TWG Tea, which is said to be the finest luxury tea brand in the world.
With over 1 000 single-estate harvest teas and exclusive tea blends, TWG Tea claims to have the largest collection of teas in the world.
In order to produce the optimum selection of teas for South African consumers, TWG Tea has joined forces with The Table Bay Hotel to create a tea pairing selection. These creations seek to enhance the public’s appreciation of fine teas and create a luxury experience for first-timers and tea connoisseurs alike.
Offered throughout the afternoon, High Tea at the Table Bay is an event to be enjoyed at leisure.
Tea pairing, says the hotel, allows epicureans to experience “molten potions with the best selected desserts and savoury dishes.”
The Table Bay High Tea experience is a three-course affair and each course is paired with a complementary loose-leaf tea. The first course offers savoury creations paired with light-bodied teas to enhance the flavours. The mushroom and ham quiche is paired with Pai Mu tan, a white tea from China. Cucumber sandwiches, a staple of any High Tea, are paired with Imperial Pu-Erh, a matured Yunnan tea, also from China.
There are several other savoury dishes and each is paired with blended teas from Darjeeling and China.
The second course is devoted to scones – from plain scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream, to currant scones served with lemon curd. The selected English Breakfast, French Earl Grey and Good Hope Teas enhance the buttery texture of the scones.
The third course features Bain de Roses Tea, a black tea blend; South African Rooibos Red Tea; Chocolate Tea, another black tea; Pink Flamingo Tea, a green tea blend; and Number 12 Tea. Each is paired with desserts for dessert lovers.
High Tea is served between 14h30 and 17h30

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