Friday, December 9, 2011

Local News from the Gondwana Collection

Five Flowers for a 'green' Roadhouse
For its eco-friendly management the Cañon Roadhouse was rewarded by Eco Awards Namibia with five desert flowers (highest ranking). Cañon Lodge and Namib Desert Lodge were awarded three desert flowers each. Decisive factors were the water recycling plants (for the gardens), the eco-friendly waste disposal and the Gondwana Eco Competition at their lodges and on the web.

Exploring Damaraland on foot
Two diverse new hiking trails at Damara Mopane Lodge offer guests the opportunity to explore the flora and fauna of Damaraland at their leisure. The Mountain Top Route (4 km) requires some climbing to reach a hilltop in the vicinity of the lodge. By contrast, the Valley Walking Trail is a leisurely 4-km-walk through diverse vegetation such as Mopane forest, grassy plains and thickets of Trumpet Thorn.

The Quiver Tree - a Victim of Climate Change?
Red alert for the quiver tree was declared at the climate conference in Copenhagen in January 2010. Aloe Dichotoma and nine other plant and animal species were added to the 'Red List'. There was indeed reason for concern: In many places in southern Namibia entire groups of quiver trees were dying while hardly any young trees were discovered. Climate change was seen as the main suspect.

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