Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Top 5 BEST sundowner points



Set out through the scenic dry northern region of Namibia into a verdant paradise of powerful African rivers and sparkling waterways. The Caprivi is a unique region inspired by the fresh waters of the Kavango, Zambezi, Linyanti, Kwando and Chobe Rivers. It provides a stunning and sudden contrast from the semi-arid and arid landscapes of the rest of the country, and supports an exciting abundance of plant, animal and bird life.


Kaokoland is one of the last remaining wilderness areas in Southern Africa. It is a world of incredible mountain scenery, a refuge for the rare desert dwelling elephant, black rhino and giraffe and the home of the Himba people. Although it is harsh and offers little respite at midday, the rugged landscape is especially attractive during the early morning and late afternoon when it is transformed into softly glowing pastel shades.


The setting is an absolute dream and the sun downer setting and service are second to none.

Etosha National Park

Actually every spot at Etosha National Park is an extraordinary setting. 

Namibian Coast

Beats all the other sunset settings. 

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