Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Floods in Omusati Region have displaced about 250 people who relocated to higher ground. One person also died and many were left destitute.

About 86 homesteads were extensively damaged, while several schools and churches were deluged by the heavy rains and mahangu fields submerged, leaving the affected villagers without food and shelter.

A young girl lost her life after attempting to cross a turbulent stream while herding a flock of goats.

Most of the relocated people are mothers with babies, schoolchildren and people with disabilities in Onesi and Ruacana constituencies of the Omusati Region.

The floods were caused by a combination of rains in the region as well as the Cunene River bursting its banks following heavy rains in neighbouring Angola.

Governor of Omusati Region Erginus Endjala said the region was hard at work to provide for the affected communities and assist them to return to their homes as soon as the waters subside.
“The figure of 250 is only those who are severely affected and have been relocated, but several other people have also been affected,” said Endjala.

Fifty families in Okatjaningwa and Eenawa villages have been relocated to the ELCIN centre near the Etunda irrigation project.

Besides the relocation, Endjala said, authorities have also ensured that food and ablution facilities were provided for those affected.

Endjala said the relocated residents were provided with tents.
The region is also strategizing on how the water can be diverted to its usual natural channels to ease the burden of those affected.

“Engineers are already on site and a preliminary report was completed on Monday to see how the water can be channelled to Olushandja dam,” said Endjala.

Endjala appealed to the affected communities to remain calm, assuring that the authorities would do their best to assist affected residents.

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