Friday, March 14, 2014

Namibia - A Stargazers Heaven

Namibia is famous in astronomy circles as an excellent location for viewing of the night sky. The country is considered to be one of the top three destinations for stargazing in the world. With its generally cloudless night sky, especially in the dry winter months, minimal light air pollution, and excellent view of southern constellations, Namibia has superb stargazing conditions. Many lodges offers telescopes and some have in-house astronomers, should you wish to learn more about the starry nights.
Sossusvlei Desert  Lodge is voted amongst the world's top 12 hotels for stargazing.
"This award-winning resort prides itself on giving back to the community and environment, whether by recycling, producing solar power or raising funds for local charities. Even the individual, adobe-style units in shades of sand and peach complement the yellow grasses and sun-burnt mountains of the desert. At night, guests can immerse themselves in the Milky Way with telescope and stargazing help from the staff."

If you prefer a more intimate astronomical adventure, the rooms at the Desert Lodge have skylights above the beds. Tuck yourself beneath the sheets and gaze upwards, enjoying one of the darkest nights you'll ever experience. The only drawback is that the full moon is a virtual floodlight - bring an eye mask!
The truth is, this region's skies are so unspoilt by light pollution that whether you have a telescope and a skylightlight or not, booking a room at any of the lodges here will mean you are in for a truly magical night. It's also a timely reminder that it's not just the things we can touch that need preserving.

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