Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Namibia Reservations - Client Feedback

This Feedback was send by clients and it is  about the Tour Consultants at Namibia Reservations.!!!!!!! Enjoy !!!!!!!!!

Sheelagh  Hansen:
Kind Service
Jolitta Jansen van Rensburg: 
Jolitta Janse Van Rensburg - Tour Consultant
Thank you so much for your time and trouble it is greatly appreciated. Thank you also for all the nice and kind Wishes.
Jason Chau:
 Professionalism Jolitta JVR - The Service provided was courteous and professional. The Consultant was responsive and thorough in her email exchanges and made the process very smooth and effortless. Well Done !!
Mr. james Dempsey :
Millicent - Tour Consultant
Thank you for your hard work Millicent. I greatly appreciate it. I'm sure all will go smooth due to your efforts.Retha  Baker:
Helpful & Friendly Millicent: She was very helpfull with the reservation and also patient with me.

 Alrene  Blackenberg:
 Service Michelle:
Michelle - Tour Consultant
was great with information, feedback and keeping one up to date.
 Martie  Raaths:
Friendly Assistance
Namibia Reservations Team: Thank you very much for your friendly assistance in booking our Namibia Accommodation. You are Excellent!

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