Monday, November 18, 2013

Massive Growth - The Baobab Tree

Western trading with 16th Century Egyptian merchants came to the parts of the tree used for medicinal purposes, or for flavouring as being named Bu-HOAB. The French botanist Michel Adason (1727 - 1806) Who's valuble contribution to the science of batany was honored by having the tree named after him. The tree is also refered to as being the "cream of tartar tree" and the "monkey bread tree" and the "sour gourd tree"

These massive growths can be found in the Grootfontein are. If you have been in the Grootfontein area and haven't stood next to one of these trees then a trip to farm Keibeb is worth the time and effort for this is where Tree no 1063 is situated.

A most impressive tree in spite their unusual appearance they are the subjects of many African legends. The young tree bares little resembleance to its mature version and are difficult to recognize as being and this gave rise to the bushmen belif that there were flung down on the ground with their roots in the air. The fanmous British missionary explorer Dr. David Livingstone described the tree ad being Like, A Giant Upturend Carrot.

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