Friday, August 5, 2011

Update received from Namibia Country Lodges

Nine trained camels are moving to Twyfelfontein area. The scenic area with its historic rock engravings, volcanic and sandstone geology, panoramic vistas, endemic fauna & flora offer guest an ideal opportunity to explore the area on the back of a camel. No fences and unlimited space allow the camels to walk in any direction, leaving a light footprint without any noise or pollution to the environment.

The camels will arrive on the 3rd of August and be based at the Aba-Huab campsite.

A half day excursion on the back of a camel will take guests to various rock engraving sites which are hidden amongst Mopani trees and rock boulders and situated off the beaten track.

The traditional Damara Village not far from the Aba-Huab Campsite makes an easy morning or
afternoon excursion to experience age old Damara customs in a unique setting.

Ride out to "Wondergat" a bottomless sinkhole north from Twyfelfontein Lodge to toss a rock down its mouth without hearing it hit the bottom, and then traverse via a different route back to the lodge while exploring breathtaking Aba-Huab valley vistas.

Guests can participate on a longer camel safari combined with camping under the stars and trekking by day through ephemeral riverbeds of the Huab and Ugab Valley. Itinerary and quote on request.

The above activities are currently being scouted and mapped as part of our activity program at
Twyfelfontein Country Lodge. Detailed activity descriptions and rates will follow in the second
half of August.

Twyfelfontein Country Lodge was recently awarded two Eco Award Flowers, for accommodation establishments managed according to eco-friendly principles. We follow this program with selective and careful use of our resources, reducing, recycling and reusing. Our aim is to achieve eco flowers for all six NCL establishments to prove our dedication and commitment to the environment. The desert flower symbol is
proof to everyone, staff as well as guests, that we are working for the future.

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