Monday, July 18, 2011

News received from Smart Strategies - Conditions in Botswana

There was serious damage to some equipment in Francistown which has led to a complete power failure of certain areas. Authorities are predicting 4 days to effect repairs. Then to add to Botswana’s current woe’s the strikes in South Africa are leading to fuel and gas shortages in the country.
Below is an update on conditions at the properties in our portfolio:

Thamalakane River Lodge:
Maun has no power and there is no gas to be found. Lanterns are being used for lighting. Management are in the process of sourcing portable showers for guests and will be heating water with wood fires. They are very low on gas, they are searching further afield for supplies, if they don’t have any luck then meals will be prepared in their pizza oven and on open fires. Thank goodness the pizza’s are exceptional at Thamalakane! Staff at Thamalakane are very experienced and are confident that they will be able to keep guests happy.
Reservations are handled by our offices in Cape Town so communication is all running smoothly as usual in that department.

Dinaka Safari Lodge:
Dinaka is solar powered so it is business as usual at the camp. Reservations are being handled by our offices in Cape Town so communication is all going according to plan.

Nxamaseri Island Lodge:
The power outage is not affecting Nxamaseri. Reservations is running on a battery, so all is well there. Fuel and gas has not affected them yet, they have quite good reserves so all should be good.

Mapula Lodge:
Mapula reservations in Maun is affected, we (Smart Strategies) are able to assist with any booking enquiry as we have access to their systems and we are picking up their reservation emails until the power gets sorted out in Maun. Telephone lines are down and one entire cell network as well. Business as usual at the camp all is running smoothly.

Camp Dizhana:
The camp does not rely on the national power grid, so everything is running as usual. Reservations is run from South Africa so all is fine on that front as well.

Tuli Safari Lodge:
The power outages have not affected them and they are fine with stocks of fuel and gas.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at or visit our sister website for more details regarding establishments

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