Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Namibia Reservations and the famous Otjiwarongo Parcour Tournament

This last Sunday the 25th of July, Namibia Reservations got involved in a very unique equestrian event.
This year we have decided to do things a bit different and literally set the bar high on the Mini Cross Country Derby. This Derby consisted of eighteen NAMEF ( Namibian Equestrian Federation) graded gates, and one nineteenth non-graded Namibia Reservations gate.
However in the seven height classes which were 70cm;80cm;90cm;100cm;110cm;120cm and 130cm, our gate was set 20cm higher than the other eighteen gates the riders whom cleared our gate each got N$100.00. Those who did not clear the gate donated their N$100.00 to the Reitgemeinschaft Of Otjiwarongo.
Two highlights made this event a remarkable one.
The first was Mr Harmann Falk rider class 90cm, level J6 and his trusty Old Stallion Taifun level J7 cleared our gate at 110cm earning himself N$100.00. Mr. Falk is also the oldest registered Parcour Participant in Southern Africa. Still riding alongside his son and grandson.
The second highlight was Michelle Künzle rider class 130cm, level J3 and her Horse Zambezi Level J2 cleared the Namibia Reservations gate at a staggering 150cm. A Remarkable feat for horse and rider. Miss. Künzle also represents Namibia internationally and if all goes well with her this year she will earn the 140cm rider class which is already a globally recognised parcour class. We wish Miss Künzle all the best of luck with this already in the bag grade.

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