Monday, June 13, 2016

Naankuse News

A constant need... for collars
It’s been yet another busy month for N/a’an ku sê’s rapid response team. Answering the call of the wild (and local farmers) the intrepid team leaped to action on 1 June, rushing to a farm where a resplendent leopard had been cage trapped, waiting to be fitted with a GPS collar and ultimately released back on the farmer’s land.  Weighing in at a whopping 85kg, this magnificent male soon joined the annals of our collared cats, his feline movements and behaviors being constantly monitored and shared with the landowner concerned.
The number of calls N/a’an ku sê receives is on the increase, the demand for collars growing by the day. Without these tracking devices we simply cannot keep up in our fight to prevent the unnecessary and tragic persecution of Namibia’s big cats – big cats who cannot speak for themselves, cannot stand up for their rights – their right to co-exist peacefully on the land they call home.

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