Friday, January 15, 2016

Ice cold in Africa: What to drink in Namibia's beer town

Namibian capital Windhoek has a population of just 322,000 but produces more than a dozen beers, Windhoek Lager and the slightly darker Tafel Lager and Hansa Pilsner are among local favorites. 

Most of the beers made in Namibia are for export, fueled by a legendary commitment to the reinheitsgebot.
 German Tradition

In winter, NamBrew produces Urbock dark beers, made with Munich barley malt into recipes steeped in Germanic traditions.

Tafel Lager

While most Namibian beers have always been made in the capital of Windhoek, some like Tafel Lager and Hansa Pilsner, originate from the tiny seaside city of Swakopmund. 
Beer that tastes like tea
On the craftier side is Camelthorn Weizen, on tap when it's available. Also an amber, it's made with ingredients imported from South Africa, Europe and the United States for a slightly different taste. Camelthorn started out as a promising independent brewer, but has been absorbed into the NamBrew empire. It's experimented with different flavors, including rooiboos, the red bush popular for tea in southern Africa.

Really comparing the quality of all Namibia's beers to the imports requires a trip to Joe's Beer House. 

 Joe's Beer House

Serves hearty food to accompany the beers and also has one of the biggest selections of game on any menu, anywhere : kudu loin, zebra steak, oryx schnitzel are a sampling.
'Ice cold in Africa'

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