Monday, November 30, 2015

Namib Dune Star Camp

Namib Dune Star Camp is situated on the crest of ancient sand dunes, overlooking the spectacular landscape of the Namib Desert. Best described as a soft adventure camp, Namib Dune Star Camp offers the thrill of being out in the desert yet provides luxuries like soft beds and hot showers. 

The intimate camp has 8 cabins, with a fair distance between them. Each cabin has an en-suite bathroom, a large bedroom and, importantly, a large deck enabling you to wheel your bed out for a night under the southern skies. 

Namib Dune Star Camp allows guests the privilege of spending time in the desert wilderness with its exceptional views, clean air, space and bright starlit sky. The central area’s wide balcony has unrivalled vistas and is the ideal place to sip on a sundowner drink as the sun bathes the landscape in gold. Sunset is followed by a delicious dinner as the blanket of stars twinkles above.

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