Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Getting Around Namibia

Getting to Namibia is easy as it is so well connected. Air Namibia is the National Carrier and receives flights from London Gatwick and Frankfurt. With daily flights from neighbouring South Africa and Botswana, it incorporates easily into any Southern African itinerary. You may even consider combining it with time in Victoria Falls. Namibia also has a fantastic Charter Flight network connecting the various lodges and areas, enabling us to provide luxury fly in safaris throughout the country.

  Fly or  Drive?
When it comes to planning your trip to Namibia the first thing that you need to discuss with your Namibia Reservations consultant is whether you plan to utilize the Charter Flights around Namibia or whether you plan to self drive. In this section we address the advantages and disadvantages of both of these options. 

 The advantages of Flights around Namibia
The network of charter flights in Namibia as well as our fly-in safaris provide a quick and easy way to explore the country. They allow you to discover great distances in a relatively short period of time. Flying over Namibia gives one a true understanding and appreciation of its size.
The disadvantages of Flights around Namibia
The first and most obvious disadvantage of flights in and around Namibia is the cost. The great distances involved and the exclusivity of the lodges mean that the planes are small and therefore only take a few guests at a time. The other distinct disadvantage of air flights is that you miss the opportunity to actually explore the country by road and to get a true understanding of the distances and the enormity that is Namibia.
The advantages of road travel around Namibia
The most obvious advantage of road travel around Namibia is the affordability, compared to flights, road travel allows you to explore Namibia at a fraction of the cost. Traveling by road allows you to completely immerse yourselves into the scenery, discover and stop at little places.
The disadvantages of road travel around Namibia
 Picking up a car, driving into the desert, miles from anywhere, with no cell phone contact and only yourselves for company can take a bit of nerve.  The roads are often poorly maintained and travelling between the popular tourist destinations can often require you to travel huge distances in one day which eats into your precious time enjoying the places you came to see.
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