Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Air Namibia: Cancellation of Regional Flights from 01-14 November 2011

Air Namibia confirms the cancellation of flights SW715/6 and SW746/7 from November 01-14 2011 for operational reasons.

Conditions for the procedure:

* All passengers will be rerouted accordingly
i.e. SW746/7 should be re-routed or re-protected on SW744/SW749o
i.e. WVB/JNB pax destined for JNB/WVB via WDH
* Passengers are to be rebooked at no fee

Refund procedures:

* Apply for full refund on your net/published fare level via your GDS and quote the following reference number:
* Full refunds for unused tickets will be granted regardless of terms and conditions of the fare (even non-refundable tickets).
*Please note: all refunds must be processed within 7days from receipt of request for the refund by passenger.

For more information email us at info@namibiareservations.com

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