Thursday, September 15, 2011

News received from Tour Brief

Kulala Wilderness Camp closing April 2012
Wilderness has announced that Kulala Wilderness Camp will close permanently on 15.04.2012. After Kulala Wilderness Camp has closed, future Wilderness accommodation in the Sossusvlei area will be provided by Kulala Desert Lodge and Little Kulala.
Alternative arrangements are being made for all affected bookings.

Kulala Desert Lodge is expanding
Kulala Desert Lodge will add 6 new rooms (5 twins & 1 family) in early 2012. The main area will be enlarged and remodelled. The camp will be closed from 15 January to 14 April 2012 inclusive. Alternative arrangements are being made for all affected bookings.

Laughter comes calling...
A female brown hyena has taken up residence near Serra Cafema. Picture courtesy of Wilderness Safaris.

Lüderitz Nest Hotel: gateway to the Sperrgebiet
Main points
* 73 rooms, incl. family units & paraplegic friendly rooms
* Located in Lüderitz, with all rooms overlooking the ocean
* Ideal base for visiting Kolmanskop, Diaz Point, Shark Island and the rugged coastal scenery.
* Children’s playground, pool and childcare services
* Courtyard sheltered from wind
* Noted seafood restaurant
* Conferencing
* Offers Lüderitz Town Tour, Peninsula Tour, Kolmanskop Tour and Sunset Tour
* Friendly to children
* Suitable for the aged
* Suitable for the disabled with 3 x paraplegic friendly

Destination: the Sperrgebiet, tourism's rough diamond
In 1908, when diamonds were discovered by railway worker Zacharias Lewala in the vicinity of Lüderitz, the German colonial administration quickly declared a restricted zone, the 'Sperrgebiet'. For a long time, the only sign welcoming travellers read 'keep out'. Today, all that is changing, as parts of the restricted area have been opened for the adventurous. The Sperrgebiet is a rugged, closed area, that can only be visited with a permit that must be applied for two weeks in advance. No children under 14 can enter the Sperrgebiet. Kolmanskop, although treated separately, also falls within the Sperrgebiet. The attraction of the area lies in its history, it’s marvellous natural attractions and the sense of illicit pleasure that comes from visiting a forbidden zone. The trip to Lüderitz, from where the Sperrgebiet is entered, is difficult to schedule as the distances are long, and the route in and out between Lüderitz and Aus must be repeated. However, if the traveller is pressed for time, a fly-in is recommended.

Nature: the amazing plants of the Sperrgebiet
A large part of the Sperrgebiet consists of the Succulent Karoo Biome, a global diversity hotspot. Spreading from Aus, across the border of the Sperrgebiet, this environment is an under-marketed attraction that gives consultants an interesting alternative for clients with an interest in botany, succulent plants and deserts.

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