Thursday, December 16, 2010

News from Kalizo Lodge

This year for us at kalizo went from one extreme to the other with the worst flood we have ever experienced which closed kalizo for 2 months to the best period we have had with wonderful business starting with the Soccer World Cup right through to the new year of 2010.

Kalizo is looking really great with lots of renovations and alterations being done this year. We can now accommodate 6 more people in self catering making a total of 24 people in self catering.

The Fishing was really good this year as well.

Kalizo is now in a conservancy area, which extends from Kalimbeza to Milindi which is fantastic, as we now have a guard at the carmine – bee – eaters. We had a Film crew from Japan who filmed the carmines as well. We are now going to be part of the Kaza, (5 countries,) which will be the largest Conversation area in the World, which will be a benefit to all of us, bringing a large amount of game into our areas.
Kalizo river frontage has been increased by 360meters, and in this area we will be putting in a new Camp site and additional self catering houses.

Val was elected Personality of the Year for the Namibian Hospitality Industry (HAN) for her contribution in promoting the Caprivi Region. They said that Val had worked tirelessly (often against all odds) to promote not only the Caprivi region but Namibia as a whole.

For all those that know the Caprivi, it is a long journey to get here, but once you are here we have excellent game parks in the Caprivi Region and on the border the one of the best game parks in Southern Africa – Chobe National Park. We are also only 250km from Victoria Falls (One of the 7 great wonders of the world.)

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